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Joseph's House Saves Lives... Literally!

Anyone who’s ever spent any time at Joseph’s House will tell you that the Shelter is a lifesaver for many individuals - recently for one man this was literally the case.

Like many of our guests, “Jeb” is not in great health. Just six months ago Jeb had open-heart surgery, and has a history of several back surgeries. The hospital had discharged him to the Shelter because he had no place to go.

A few days ago, while on the way out to the courtyard, Jeb collapsed. Luckily for Jeb, Tammie Papa, our kitchen manager, is certified in CPR. After a quick survey of the scene Tammie checked Jeb’s pulse and breathing. She immediately began CPR, with the help of another staff member, Lloyd Downing. Meanwhile, Shelter Program Assistant Maria Long called 911. Afterwards Tammie told us, “I could see that we didn’t have much time and was relieved when, in minutes, the paramedics arrived.”

The paramedics rushed Jeb to the hospital. They later told us that if Tammie hadn’t acted as quickly as she did, they would not have gotten there in time to save Jeb’s life.

Ray Simboli, another Joseph’s House Advocate, who witnessed the situation, has the final words on this tale. “While performing CPR and waiting for the paramedics to arrive, Tammi called out that someone needed to check the pork chops in the oven so they wouldn’t be overcooked. That’s multi-tasking!”

So goes another day at the Shelter!

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