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HAC Board requests Joseph's House & Shelter to oversee programming

Homeless Action Committee building and outreach van

Joseph’s House & Shelter has been asked by Homeless Action Committee’s (HAC) board of directors to oversee the day-to-day management of their 30-unit SRO located in the Warehouse District of the City of Albany, as well as their street homeless outreach programs. Joseph’s House Board of Directors and HAC Board of Directors are discussing possible eventual transfer of programs. We all intend to do due diligence in this process.

JH&S Maximizes Space During Coldest Days- Code Blue

The sad fact is that during most of the year JH&S has to turn away requests for shelter because we are full. However, during the coldest and harshest weather, we use every possible corner of our shelter at 74 Ferry St. to accommodate all those in need. We open our doors to anyone- no questions asked- during Code Blue Emergencies. That often means finding a corner to add an extra cot or floor mat. Most cold nights all of our couches and chairs are occupied. Last year, on a few winter nights, we came close to doubling our normal occupancy [...]

Joseph’s House & Shelter wins Supportive Housing Network of NY's Annual Award

10/1/13 We are proud to announce that Joseph’s House & Shelter has won the Supportive Housing Network of New York’s Annual Award for outstanding housing. We are very pleased to recognize this year’s Residences of the Year! True Colors Residence of West End Residences and Hill House Inn of Joseph’s House & Shelter were chosen by a panel of judges to receive the Network’s 2013 Residence of the Year Award. Based upon remarkable innovations in program services, a community of residents who work together, productive connections with the surrounding neighborhood and the high quality of the physical environment, please join us [...]

Joseph's House Saves Lives... Literally!

Anyone who’s ever spent any time at Joseph’s House will tell you that the Shelter is a lifesaver for many individuals - recently for one man this was literally the case.

Like many of our guests, “Jeb” is not in great health. Just six months ago Jeb had open-heart surgery, and has a history of several back surgeries. The hospital had discharged him to the Shelter because he had no place to go.

A few days ago, while on the way out to the courtyard, Jeb collapsed. Luckily for Jeb, Tammie Papa, our kitchen manager, is certified in CPR. After a quick [...]